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Looking back five years ago when we became foster parents, what a journey we've had!

We have grown together with children who have come into our home. I personally have gained a truer understanding of what it means to give unconditional love to children. Now I understand what it means to be called Foster Mom or Mom.

If I can use a few words to summarize my positive experience in providing foster care to children in need, then LOVE is the word:

L: Let the foster children be themselves, let their needs be met first.

O: Oversee any situation that may occur; overlook the behaviour that foster children may display, because they are trying to tell us something.

V: Victory shall be the foster children reuniting with their biological parents. This is true unconditional love that foster parents amazingly possess.

E: Ease the physiological and psychological pain that foster children have experienced; this will truly ease our heart and put a smile on our face. This would be the ultimate motivation to keep us on the fostering journey.