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We started our journey of fostering 35 years ago. Our own children had eight years between them so we wanted them to have playmates. We felt we had a lot to give to little people. We had lots of love, time and space for a child in need.

At one time, a brother and sister came into our home. Their natural parents were still very involved in their lives but were unable to care for them. The kids became Crown wards with access and we decided to keep them for the long term. They were very challenging and required high maintenance. The girl cried and screamed every night for up to two hours. Her self esteem was very low. Both kids were emotionally damaged. It took a lot of love, patience and understanding to deal with them on a daily basis. They had visits with their parents every other weekend and they came back to our home with mixed emotions.

Both kids stayed with us till they were 18 years old. We are their Mom and Dad and they still call us that. The boy moved away so we don't see him very often, but he does stay in our lives and calls us. We helped the girl move into her own apartment near us and she has done very well for herself. She got married and had four kids whom we accept as our grandchildren. The kids call us Nana and Papa. We are involved in her family and she is involved in our family. She has gone through some tough situations and we remain by her for support. She knows that we love her and her family.

We are enjoying babies at this stage. They are very innocent and need a good foundation to start their journey in life. We do our very best to provide a solid foundation. Nothing can beat the smiling face of a baby looking up at you while you are holding them. We are very happy knowing that our loving care will help them return to their natural parents or to adoptive parents.

Having children leave our home is very painful but we know they do leave us with good memories and they do take a piece of our heart with them. We feel pleased that we were part of their life for a short time and hope that what we taught them will be helpful on their journey.

A lot of families keep in touch with us. It is great to hear how well they are doing. We have been invited to their homes to see how the kids are doing. We had one baby for over one year before he was adopted to a family now living out of town. The young man is now 15 years old. We receive yearly Christmas cards, pictures and a handwritten letter from the family telling us how well they are diong and how well the young lad has progressed during that year.

The workers and other staff at NCFST are a great team to work with. They treat us like equals and there are no worries about calling them. If they are not sure how to deal with a certain issue, they will find someone who knows. Fostering for NCFST has been a great experience for us and we look forward to growing with them as they grow.

We highly recommend fostering as it will give you a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you are helping a child or family in time of need. Having a child start his or her adoption process is very rewarding yet very emotional. You get mixed feelings knowing that you have provided the child with a good foundation to help on the next leg of their journey, and yet you do not want them to leave your family. All little people will forever have a special place in your heart. Our only way to get over a child leaving us is to take in another little person to take his or her place, so we can start the process over again.