"Character is the result of two things: mental attitude and the way we spend our time." Elbert Hubbard, publislher and writer.

Our goal as foster parents is to provide skilled care, discipline and nurturing for children or youth placed in our home. As foster parents we are involved with our family, biological family, NCFST and the foster child or youth. Working as a team helps us to reach our shared purposes and goals.

As foster parents, our objective is to meet the physical, emotional, educational and recreational needs. We faced everyday challenges in the trenches, doing what must be done. In this process of fostering, we have been rewarded successfully by adoption, return to biological families, and independent living. NCFST provides all the professional training and guidance for us to succeed. We can't imagine our success as foster parents without professional support from NCFST.

Foster children or youth come from unfortunate circumstances and need special attention to meet their needs, to succeed in school and life. A foster home is a temporary placement for them to be in a safe, caring and nurturing home.

Our extensive experience as foster parents gives us deep understanding of children's needs. Rewarding experience comes from investing our time with vulnerable children. Our burning desire keeps us providing the needs of native children and youth in our home.

We educate ourselves constantly as foster parents through all the resources that are available. We embrace our agency's mission, vision, values and culture.